Saturday , May 30 2020
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Sallah Ud Din Sarwar

I am a multi skilled Software Engineer with over 4 year’s industry experience in designing and developing Object oriented solutions in Multi layered & N-Tired. I have substantial success to my credit. I have consistently handled complex problems to the satisfaction of my clients by working in stressful situations. I enjoy learning and applying new technologies in a dynamic and forward thinking professional environment.

Find Control in .NET

It is a way of handling Nested control (NET controls on NET Container Controls) because these nested controls are never available in coding hence we need to find them before using them like normal controls. Suppose you have a Asp.NET Linkbutton named “lnkSubCategory” and you have placed that in a ...

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Drupal and Varnish a short introduction

Varnish is a HTTP accelerator (or reverse proxy). Its very much capable of processing 100,000 requests in a sec. Most likely quicker then Drupal, even with page caching on. Want to see how it works?   Cache hit User requests a URL Varnish checks it’s cache Varnish retrieves the data ...

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