Friday , February 21 2020

Debugging in Classic Asp

Classic Asp is kind of old fashioned or even a historical language for some folks but if you are a part of a team which is responsible for maintenance of a huge application, you have to live with Classic Asp and its limitations. Because Asp is a server side language ...

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Lazy Loading image Download

Lazy loading is a key thing when you are working on some application where you interact with server side and download data from server side. Normally when we use to download images from server then it takes more time than textual data and users don’t like to wait anywhere. So ...

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Username and Password in SQL Server

User Names and passwords are saved in sys.syslogins table of Master DB but SQL Server doesn’t save passwords in plain or encrypted form for the obvious purpose of Security. When you query sys.syslogins table, it will return an un-readable string in password field. Passwords are saved in hashes and because ...

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