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Seo metrics

The Most Important SEO Metrics

The Most Important SEO Metrics for website

1. Keyword rankings: know where your traffic is coming from
2. Backlinks and linking root domains: track your authority
3. Organic search traffic: do search engines love you?
4. Average time on-page: are you nailing user intent?
5. Pages per visitor: track your usability
6. Returning users: are you making an impression?
7. Bounce rate: don’t scare off visitors
8. Optimize page load speed: bounce rate and speed go hand in hand
9. Monitor and address crawl errors: eliminate indexing problems
10. Check traffic by device: SEO in 2015 doesn’t discriminate
11. Pages crawled per day and time spent downloading: invite search engines
12. Index status: monitor your site health
13. 404 pageviews: don’t lose your audience
14. Conversions (goal completions): find out if you’re making the most of your traffic

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