How to create a new project in XCode

This post is just to let you guys know how to create a new project in Xcode 4.x. So First of all open the Xcode from your Applications folder or search “Xcode” in spotlight. When xcode is opened now you have to follow these steps

  • Click on “File” available in the top bar of your screen
  • Go on first line “New” and then select project
  • A window will open with some options
  • Select any templete according your requirements but ion most cases we select “Single View” and customise it according our own requirements.
  • Select a suitable name for your project and then click on “Next” according the following image
  • Select a suitable place for your project and click on create.
  • If you want to create a local git repository for this project then Check “Create local git repository for this project ” and then click on create.and you are done with it. You have created a new project successfully.

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