HTML5 DataList

HTML5 Datalist is a new html tag shipped with HTML5 specification. HTML5 Datalist can be used to create a simple poor man’s Autocomplete feature for a webpage.

In this tutorial we will go through the basics of HTML5 Datalist tag and check some quick examples of autocomplete.

Introduction to HTML5 Datalist tag

As part of HTML5 specification a new tag <datalist> has been introduced. Using this tag, we can define a list of data which then can be used as list for an input box. We can create a simple Autocompletefeature using this tag.

Consider a textbox to take country name input from user.

See how we used attribute list and pass a list of countries called ‘countries’. We can define this list of countries using datalist tag.

<input type="text" list="countries" name="mycountry" />

<datalist id="countries">
	<option value="India">India</option>
	<option value="United States">United States</option>
	<option value="United Kingdom">United Kingdom</option>
	<option value="Germany">Germany</option>
	<option value="France">France</option>

Browser Compatibility

Not every browser out there supports HTML5 DataList for now. So far IE 10 and above, Firefox, Chrome and Opera 19 above supports html5 datalist tag. Safari doesn’t support datalist yet

  • Chrome 31
  • Firefox (Gecko) 26.0
  • Internet Explorer 10.0
  • Opera 19.0

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