Mastering ASP.NET Core and C: A Deep Dive into Web Development

Mastering ASP.NET Core and C: A Deep Dive


Are you ready to venture into the world of ASP.NET Core and C? Join us as we build and explore the depths of web application development, from creating game catalogs to understanding the intricacies of backend development. Get ready to dive in and master the art of ASP.NET Core and C.

Real Database Support with Entity Framework Core

Learn how to leverage Entity Framework Core and the .NET Core configuration system to build a robust backend. Understand the importance of avoiding hardcoding configuration details in your C code and how to integrate real database support seamlessly.

Creating Different Types of Applications

Explore the Visual Studio Code interface and harness the power of project templates to create various web projects. Dive into the virtual view and file explorer, and master the art of managing dependencies and solution files for your projects.

Introduction to the Builder Object and Services

Discover the Builder object and its role in configuring settings for your web application, including employing the asynchronous programming model for efficient resource utilization. Understand the vital role played by the app object in configuring the request pipeline and handling incoming requests.

Building and Debugging Projects in VS Code

Master the art of building and debugging projects in Visual Studio Code, and understand the intricacies of API and REST API definitions. Learn how to interact with the API using the rest-client extension and avoid the browser during the debugging session while sending requests and viewing responses in the terminal.

Defining and Implementing APIs

Dive deep into defining and structuring Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) while implementing APIs for returning game data. Understand the best practices for creating resources and endpoints, and learn how to use constants to avoid hardcoding values in the code.

Utilizing Database Providers and Dependency Injection

Delve into the challenges of integrating C# code with SQL language for database communication and the benefits of using Object Relational Mapping (ORM) techniques. Understand the significance of employing dependency injection for managing services in ASP.NET Core and the various service lifetimes.

Asynchronous Programming and Best Practices

Learn how async programming can significantly enhance performance and scalability in your applications. Explore the best practices of making asynchronous operations and migrations in ASP.NET Core, and understand the crucial role of defining mapping for transforming entities into DTOs.

Configuring Frontend and Interacting with API

Get hands-on experience in configuring the frontend to communicate with the API. Learn how to create and update games using the API, and understand the process of retrieving and projecting data using asynchronous operations in ASP.NET Core.


ASP.NET Core and C offer a plethora of possibilities for web application development. From mastering real database support to diving into the intricacies of asynchronous programming, this journey has been nothing short of enlightening. Take the first step towards mastering ASP.NET Core and C, and witness the endless possibilities that await in the world of web application development.

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